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5 Reasons why the Class Dojo Growth Mindset Video Series Will Benefit Your Kids!

I'm guessing you've heard the phrase "Growth Mindset."  Maybe, you've read my article about the difference between growth vs. fixed mindsets or an introduction to Carol Dwek's landmark book about mindset. Perhaps you've signed up for our free & fun, 7-day kids growth mindset scavenger hunt?

You've probably also heard of Class Dojo,  an exceptional classroom management software that is used by over 50% of elementary schools in the US.

What you probably haven't heard of is the animated duo of Mojo & Katie, which I aim to rectify.  These two lovable characters are the stars of the Class Dojo Growth Mindset Video Series that in less than 2-3 minutes per video will both entertain and simply explain to your child the concepts of growth mindsets and how to apply them.   Here are five reasons why the Class Dojo Growth Mindset video series will benefit your kids.

1. Your child will learn how the brain is like a muscle.

In Episode 1, "A Secret About the Brain," Mojo learns that anyone can get smarter!  You have to work at it.  Your brain is like a muscle.  When you try challenging things, your mind gets the exercise it needs to keep developing. 

2. Your child will learn that making mistakes is part of learning!

In Episode 2, "The Magic of Mistakes," Mojo learns that building a robot is much harder then he expects.  Mojo keeps trying but eventually gives up.  Thankfully Katie stops by to remind Mojo that mistakes are no big deal and they can even make you smarter!  It all depends on how you react to them.   If you give up, your brain gets lazy and doesn't get the exercise needed to grow.  The trick is to learn from mistakes, which helps your mind get stronger.

3. Your child will learn that by adding the word "Yet" to the end of any negative statement, it turns a bleak situation into a hopeful perspective!

In Episode 3, "The Incredible Power of Yet," it's Katie's turn to learn about the growth mindset.  Katie loves being the smartest monster in the class, but one day in science class, she realizes that she doesn't understand the lesson being taught.  Instead of asking for help, Katie freezes, because she's worried that everyone will think she's not so smart after all.  Fortunately, Mojo stops by to remind Katie that he's realized that if he gets stuck, instead of saying "I can't do this," Mojo says "I can't do this, yet!" and then ask for help.  Either friends or elders may be able to help advise how to solve the problem.  Don't be embarrassed to ask for help!  You are missing an opportunity to learn something new.

4. Your child will learn how to rewire their brain!

In Episode 4, "The Mysterious World of Neurons," Mojo learns from Miss Clara, a world-renowned neuroscientist, how brains work.  We know that brains are made of neurons, which when they connect, they send an electrical signal back and forth.  Everything you do requires your neurons to join.  The cool part is that you can change the way your neurons connect by learning challenging things.

5. Your child will learn that working on challenging things is the only way to grow your brain!

In Episode 5, "Mojo Puts It All Together," Mojo and Katie apply everything they've learned to try to launch a rocket ship in the elementary school playground.  (aren't these two great).  As you can imagine, things didn't go as planned (and fortunately no one got hurt).  While Katie positively reflects that at least trying gave their brain some exercise, Mojo has a hard time sleeping.  "What's the point in exercising the brain, if in the end you always fail?", he thinks.  However, on reflecting more, he realizes three key points.

1.  Just trying harder won't always work.
2.  The statement "You can do anything" isn't completely accurate.  
3.  Working on challenging things is the only way to grow your brain.  So if you love to learn challenges, you'll always be growing.  Getting a little better every day.  Until one day you can do something incredible!  

If you've read this far, and still haven't played these videos, then what are you waiting for? Trust me, rewatching the videos in preparation for this article; I was reminded how top notch they are.

Class Dojo partnered with Stanford's Project for Education Research center (PERTS)   to produce these videos so that Class Dojo could leverage its incredible distribution (>50% of elementary schools), while researchers can learn new insights into how learning about growth mindset changes children's ability to learn.

In our free & fun, seven day, Growth Mindset Scavenger Hunt, children watch these five videos and learn these valuable lessons.  We ask parents to discuss these learnings with their children during daily family dinner time, and even be vulnerable with their kids by sharing mistakes parents have made and times when parents themselves felt stretched.   This dialogue is essential in helping kids realize that the challenges they think they are facing, have been faced by others, and with help, effort, and the right strategy, your child can and will overcome many challenges in their life.Sign up now to join the next game which starts this Monday. Its free and fun!

Once you've signed up, if you are looking to learn more about growth mindset, please check out: 27 Examples of a Growth vs. Fixed Mindset in Kids.

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