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31 Awesome Student Activities that Apple’s Everyone Can Create Curriculum Enables.

On March 27th, 2017, in addition to a new iPad, and some very cool teacher tools, Apple announced its new curriculum for schools called "Everyone Can Create."  This class structure teaches students how to express themselves and become "creators" through video, music, photography, and art.  Learning how to build something has been central to having any success in my life.  Tools like iMovie and iWeb were foundational for learning how to create content.   Having had a chance to read the preview curriculum, these are my favorite student activities that Apple's Everyone Can Create curriculum enables.

1. How to tell stories through pictures and sound

Since I discovered Raiders of the Lost Ark as a young boy, filmmaking has fascinated me.   For the longest time I wanted to be a director, but only went as far as making a few travel documentaries in my 20's.

Still, the capability to tell stories through video is even more straightforward today thanks to iMovie, Clips, and YouTube.  Teaching my kids how to make a video is a must do priority for me.

Your kids will learn  
- The keys to making a great video.
- How to create the setting via establishing shots, camera angles and enhance mood through filters and music.
- How to develop a plot, use pan and zoom to focus attention, and use Live Titles to animate text on the screen.

2. Learning how to record an interview video

If your parents are anything like mine, I'm sure they've got amazing stories from their youth, which deserved to be handed down but are at real risk of one day being forgotten.  I made that mistake with my grandparents, and so I hope my kids don't make the same mistake as me.  Apple's "Ask an Expert" class teaches students how to compose an interview script, record the interview using the Clips app and then edit to resemble a conversation between your child and the interviewee.

Your kid will learn
- How to write an interview script with questions related to the topic
- Record an interview video using the Clips app
- Trim and arrange clips so that they resemble a conversation

3. Use Garageband to Interpret a Famous Quote

Another fantastic program that is free with all Apple devices is Garageband.  As the name alludes, Garageband is the app for any budding musician who wants to start recording their own tracks.

However, Garageband is also great for creating a verbal audiotrack.   In the "Interpreting a Famous Quote" class, students create an audio introduction from the perspective of someone they've been studying.

There is something simple, yet powerfully elegant about history's famous quotes.  Having your child research, the context of when, why and what the historical figure said will be knowledge and inspiration they'll treasure for the rest of their life.

Your kid will
- Research and collect information about an important figure.
- Interpret and analyze a quote
- Write a script
- Create an audio recording using GarageBand

4. Learn how to compose that perfect shot

Apple love photography and its users love to take pictures with the incredible Apple camera.  I'm sure you are familiar with Apple's massive marketing campaign called the "Shot on iPhone" campaign.
Now students can learn to shoot like the pros.  Students will learn how to make unique, interesting photos.   How to use composition to draw your viewer in?  And how to use depth to emphasize your subject.  They'll also learn how to use light and shadow, and how to use exposure to control the look of your photos.  Lastly, they'll learn how to crop, straighten, adjust brightness and change a photo's color.

5. Learn how to sketch using sketches school

Did you know that drawing and painting is a skill that can be learned through effort and training?  For someone like me whose art is too ugly for the family fridge, this was a bit of a revelation.  If you search online, you'll find video evidence of the fantastic improvement in art that is possible after some instruction.

Think back to being a child.  Most of us loved to draw right?  But over time we stopped, probably because we were discouraged by the quality of our work.

Now with  Apple's Everyone Can Create Curriculum, students can learn how to focus their senses to see it, feel it and sketch it.  Your child will understand the basic elements of the line, and how lines can convey action, motion, excitement and more.  Fun activities include Emojify Yourself, Expressive Line Art, and Sketch Journal.

These are just five example of what's coming this fall.  I for one can't wait to put the iPad, Pencil and this curriculum in front of my child and watch them develop, grow and have fun.

If you are interested in seeing what else will be included in Everyone Can Create, here is the list of 31 Awesome Student Activities that Apple's Everyone Can Create Curriculum Enables.

1.  Create a Personalized Video.
2.  Create mood & setting.
3.  Create a story with characters, setting, mood and plot.
4.  Ask an Expert - Interview
5.  Create a Film that Documents a Defining Moment in Time
6.  Create a Video Where Students Dive Deeper into a Topic
7.  Create a Live Loops Performance.
8.  Create an Audio Recording.
9.  Create a Multitrack background music.
10.  Use Live Loops to Recognize Patterns
11.  Interpret a Famous Quote
12.  Create a Podcast
13.  Play with Composition
14.  Experiment with Focus & Depth
15.  Understand how lighting can make a difference
16.  Understand how exposure works
17.  Crop for Composition
18.  Editing for Even Lighting
19.  Get Familiar with Apple's Editing Tools
20.  Shoot a Photo to Communicate a Concept or Idea
21.  Create a Photo Essay to Tell Visual Stories
22.  Create Persuasive Pictures
23.  Emojify Yourself
24.  Use Different Line Types to Sketch Your Name
25.  Start a Daily Sketch Journal
26.  Draw a Robot Character.
27.  Shape, Sketch & Form by taking three photos of objects, and using Photos markup tools to sketch, and then adding form by shading.
28.  Create a Doodle dictionary.
29.  Create Illustrated Acrostic Poems
30.  Learn how Sketchnoting is a Great Way to take notes during a lecture
31.  Use landscape sketches to visualize scenes
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