Digging for Fossils! Our review of National Geographic Mega Fossil Dig Kit

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This month's toy is the National Geographic Mega Fossil Dig Kit, where you can dig up to 15 real fossils. These real fossils include Dinosaur Bone, Sharks, Coral, Sting Ray, Clams, Mosasaur Tooth, Gastropods and more.

Digging for Fossils

The set includes everything you need to try out being a paleontologist. Use your chisel to dig for fossils, the brush to clean off your treasures, and a magnifying glass to study these real ancient fossils.

Included in the set is a 16-page learning guide where your child will learn how fossils are formed and facts about each of the 15 fossils that your child may discover.

Keep in mind that this is a real excavation, so this is going to get messy. We played with it outdoors, and still ended up making quite a mess!

Kid digging for fossils

Rizwan and Khadija weren't very excited when they received the toy, and I was a bit worried they'd lose interest as the dig does require patience, precision, and effort. However, once Rizwan uncovered his first fossil, both kids were eager to discover more. In fact, even after the sun had set and it had started to get cold out, my kids wanted to keep digging!

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