Which paper airplane will fly the farthest?

In fifth grade, elementary students learn about the scientific method including developing a hypothesis, testing using a controlled process and then publishing a conclusion derived from data and analysis. All this is entirely academic until the kids have to perform their science experiment and present their learnings at the science fair. Since Rizwan is halfway through fifth grade, he spent most of this week working on this project.

For his science fair project, Rizwan chose the classic "Paper Airplanes," where students learn about the forces that cause paper airplanes to fly and hypothesize which type of paper airplane will fly the furthest.

Rizwan's done an excellent job investing himself into this project, learning about drag, lift, weight and aerodynamics. He's been excited the whole week about getting to the main events: Making the planes, flying them and measuring which fly the furthest.

Funny enough, this is the same science fair project I implemented when I first moved to America, in eighth grade. Back in the day, this subject wasn't as prevalent as it is today and my humble science project won 3rd place in the school. My parents & I were pretty proud of the fact that I represented Stuart Middle School in the District competition.

Back then, there was no internet or resources that students can use to facilitate these science projects. Today, there are a dozen websites and youtube videos that will help you get started and tell you exactly what to do if you're looking just to check the box.

We certainly didn't want Rizwan to do the bare minimum or copy someone else's project on the web. But we did want him to create better airplanes then what he and I already knew. Fortunately, our neighbor let us borrow the Klutz Book of Paper Airplanes. I'm only now becoming familiar with the Klutz company, which has existed since 1977. Its mission statement is excellent and to the point. Create wonderful things, be good, have fun. Klutz creates award-winning, premium activity kits for kids and kid-minded adults. Their kits have combined crystal-clear instructions with a silly sense of humor.

If you are interested in making inventive and cool paper airplanes, buy this book. In the video, Rizwan will give you a detailed overview why and he'll walk you through three different airplane designs and will also impart some of the knowledge he's gained. Lastly, we'll take you to the park with us to test out his new planes and take them soaring! Enjoy.

If you do decide to buy, please consider using our Amazon.com affiliate link. We get a small commission at no charge to you, which helps us pay for the cost of maintaining this site.

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