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We believe that in addition to the core fundamentals taught in school such as math, writing, reading, etc., 21st-century children must exhibit a STEM mindset in order to be successful. Not only are the most lucrative career opportunities in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math, but more importantly, a STEM mindset enables your child to solve problems, discover new opportunities, and bounce back from setbacks.


The acronym STEM stands for science, technology, engineering & math. Instead of memorizing facts and figures, STEM education promotes students engagement with the real world, through experiences, experiments, and projects. Often, instead of individual work, students practice collaborating in group activities. Students observe their environment, assess the situation, brainstorm & hypothesize potential solutions, experiment, and work together to solve problems.

STEAM adds arts to the STEM acronym.

What is a stem mindset?

A STEM mindset is one step in the process needed to become a scientist, software developer, engineer, doctor, mathematician or any STEM-related career. However, even if your child doesn't want to pursue STEM-related careers, the skills below will help them excel in any job. These include:

  • S - Scientific: the ability to investigate, acquire new knowledge and use data to create conclusions.
  • T - Tough: the ability to be resilient and full of grit so that you can persevere through any challenge. Learn from mistakes and failure, and apply those lessons to make progress.
  • E - Energetic: the mindset that with effort, hard work, patience, passion and the right strategy, any challenge will be met!
  • M - Maker: - The ability to design, innovate, story-tell and create!

seed2STEM's Mission

Our mission is to help parents by providing advice, training, resources & community that parents can use to raise children with a STEM mindset. 

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Hi, My name is Iftikhar, and I started this site at the end of 2017 with the goal of becoming a better parent to my son, Rizwan, and daughter, Khadija. Please take a moment now to read my story: From Introvert to Director, and then come back!

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