What is Fixed Mindset

Whats a Fixed Mindset for Kids Look Like?

Are you interested in learning about fixed vs. growth mindsets, and why this concept is so critical to your kid's future success?  If so, keep reading or watch the below video.

If you are a parent or teacher who wants to raise resilient, curious, risk-averse children who are more focused on learning rather then just pursuing high grades, you’ve got to learn about growth mindset.  I stumbled upon this concept while reading Dr. Carol S. Dweck's bestselling book Mindset  on vacation in January.  If you have the time, I can’t recommend this book enough. But if time is a constraint, then subscribe to my YouTube channel, and I’ll publish new videos each week which will help you learn how to raise growth mindset kids. Let's start by explaining the difference between growth vs. fixed mindsets.

Fixed Mindset Characteristics

  • A fixed mindset child believes that intelligence is a trait similar to height.  It mostly doesn't change.  Either you are born smart, or you are not.
  • A fixed mindset child often focuses on their reputation and strives to get a perfect score or win first place.
  • A fixed mindset child can be brilliant, ambitious and willing to put in a lot of effort.  However, because they often are focused on the result versus the process, fixed mindset children tend not to take risks or challenge themselves.  Status matters to them and the chance of losing can be very stressful.  Thus fixed mindset children will often give up, get bored or frustrated at the sign of any challenge or obstacle.
  • A fixed mindset child views effort as a sign that they aren't smart, talented or gifted.  They are embarrassed to be seen struggling.
  • When a fixed mindset child gets feedback, they often ignore it as they are no longer interested in the activity.
  • A fixed mindset child is so consumed by being first or being perfect; they can become overly competitive with their peers.

All Of Us Exhibit Fixed Mindset At Some Point

Reading the above description of a fixed mindset, it is very easy to recoil at the description by saying "my kid is NOT like that." However, I'd argue that all of us have exhibited a fixed mindset when we were kids and are probably guilty of it at times today. Here is my story.

I loved chess when I was a kid, and regularly beat any adult who challenged me. My parents were very proud of my interest and my skill and would brag about my talent in front of family & friends. However, the first time I lost in a chess tournament, my confidence was shattered, and I never played in a championship again. I still enjoyed the game, but my love for it had diminished. I didn't make an effort to get better or keep playing with players that challenged me. Instead, I retreated to playing people that I knew I could beat. When it came to chess, I had a fixed mindset.
Since we're talking about growth vs fixed mindset, let's explore what a growth mindset looks like.

Growth Mindset Characteristics

  • A growth mindset child believes intelligence can be developed.
  • A growth mindset child is more interested in learning than winning or getting the best score.
  • A growth mindset child enjoys being challenged. Doesn't mind struggling.
  • A growth mindset child persists even after failure. They realize that failure is part of the process and not a reflection on them, but a reflection on the process or the effort.
  • A growth mindset child is open to feedback and ideas on what strategies or process to pursue to accomplish their goal.
  • A growth mindset child is less concerned about competition and often finds motivation or inspiration from other kids success.


Now you know the difference between growth vs. fixed mindset, I’m sure you’ll want actionable tips on how to raise a growth mindset child. If so, then please subscribe to my YouTube channel, as this is the first blog post in a series of blog posts focused on helping parents raise growth mindset kids.

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What do you think of fixed vs. growth mindsets? What is one example for you personally, where you maybe struggle with a fixed mindset? The first step to change is acknowledging the reality of your current state, Please comment below, and I’ll consider creating videos to help address your challenge in future videos!

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