“Yes, I can!” Kids Scavenger Hunt

“Watch your child transform into a “Yes, I can!” mindset with this free, fun 7 day scavenger hunt!


Start your Scavenger Hunt today!

- Your child will learn about the Growth Mindset using the award winning animation series by the team at Class Dojo!
- Your child will read the stories of role models such as Albert Einstein, Michael Jordan and J.K Rowling and learn how they struggled too before achieving their amazing success!
- Your child will learn about the brain’s amazing capability to get smarter!
- Your child will enjoy daily scavenger hunt activities around the house!


By the end of the 7 days, your child will have identified one goal for them to pursue, and strategies and resources that will help your child make progress towards that goal!

For parents, we know your time is valuable.  This scavenger hunt will take ~15 min each day after school and other than printing our free scavenger hunt guide, and buying some envelopes and poster board, its very easy to support

Best of all, all this fun and educational content is FREE!


Iftikhar & Rabia,
Owners of seed2stem.com

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