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This channel helps parents raise children with a STEM mindset.  How?  By sharing product reviews and actionable techniques that you can use right away.  These product reviews will star my children, Rizwan & Khadija, as they unbox and use the latest STEM Toys on the market.  By clicking the red subscribe button, whenever we publish a new video, it will show up on the subscriptions section of YouTube, which will help you never miss a new video.

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Favorite STEM Toys & Product Book Reviews

Here are our three favorite STEM Toy product reviews including affiliate links so you can purchase if the product looks cool to you.  Please know that we do get a minor commission for any purchases made via these links, but there is no cost or impact to you.  These commissions help us pay for some of the costs of this site.

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls - Book Review

Khadija shows off why Good Night Stories for Rebel Girl is her new favorite book.  After watching the video, and buying the book, check out my article: 100 Amazing Role Models for Girls to hear the amazing story behind this book.  If you have a daughter or niece, this is a must watch video

Klutz Book of Paper Airplanes Book Review

Video review of the book Klutz Book of Paper Airplanes including examples of three different planes you can make and how far they fly!  Rizwan used this book for his Science Fair project which won 1st prize at his elementary school competition

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